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Tips for incorporating a fitness routine in your busy life by Kelly DeVinny.

Keeping a fitness routine can be challenging. Life happens, kids happen, new jobs interfere, taking a vacation can throw us out of routine, as well as getting injured or falling ill. Just because we’ve gotten out of your routine doesn't mean, for most of us that we have lost sight of our goals to be healthy and strong. Here are a few tips to help add fitness back into your busy life!

  1. Make a plan to spend 10-15 minutes moving each day. Consider getting up from your desk and walking while your on the phone, or stepping away completely and walking around the block on your lunch break. Find ways to move your body each day; set a reminder on your phone or smartwatch to let you know, oh yeah, I have to get up and groove.
  2. Make plans to move with a friend. Most social outings revolve around some type of eating or meal. Change it up and invite a friend to walk with you. You can still chat but you'll be burning calories instead of consuming them.
  3.  Find music that moves you! Most streaming stations have fitness channels that have great beat and make you want to move with it. Make a playlist- Dance around your house or throw your earbuds in and cruise around your neighborhood on your bike. 
  4. Find free YouTube videos that have short 10-15 minute videos that you can fit into your daily routine. There are so many talented and fun people to follow, some with hundreds of videos. Once you find a You-Tuber you like, mix it u with a new video each day to try.
  5. Focus on being healthier and stronger, not on losing weight. Studies have shown that those who focus on the health benefits of daily exercise are much more successful in sticking to a routine.

Fitness should be fun and enjoyable. When you feel healthier and increase strength and balance your narrative toward fitness will be positive and you’ll want to keep it up!!

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Written by Kelly DeVinny, Certified Personal Trainer (IP).


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