Wilde Moon Peruvian Bangles Set (3)

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Peruvian Bangles (single bangle)

Colorful Peruvian textile bracelets, handmade with Manta Inca from the Andes, Cusco Peru.

Approx. Measurements:  7 1/4" 
Materials: Manta Inca

Artisan Information: 
The production of textiles is alive and well in the Andes and continues to be an extremely important source of income for many mountain communities.

The weavers practice skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. The designs, colors and quality of the textiles vary from one region to another and play and important part in defining personal and community identity. Many of the symbols portrayed on the weavings are visual metaphors representing the relationship that the Quechua people have with the physical and spiritual world around them.

Purchase this piece and empower the people of Peru.

Every product is handmade and may have variations.