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Sure, things haven’t been easy this year, especially for your weekly manicure appointment, but that doesn’t mean you and your nails have to suffer.

With so many products and tools available, giving yourself a quality manicure
at-home is easier than ever. The first step to any manicure is choosing the color to bedizen your fingertips with.

Purples, ranging from opalescent lavenders to deep plums, is the color du jour.

Non-Toxic and Safe:

If non-toxic and vegan products are important to you, Nailtopia is the top cat.
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Reinventing the category, Nailtopia is the first-ever plant-based, bio-sourced, chip-free nail polish. Formulated with clinically tested superfoods (yes, food!) provides strength to problem nails.

While most nail lacquers are 10% bio-sourced, Nailtopia nail lacquer is 85% bio-sourced. Plant-based ingredients replace conventional petrochemical solvents, plasticizers, and nitrocellulose. 

Bonus: The biotechnology to create the formulations is a greener process that reduces the environmental footprint. 

Nailtopia Superfoods:

Raspberry provides alpha-linolenic acid and Vitamin E to help nails become hydrated and promotes regeneration of cells.

Orange provides Vitamins C, Folic Acid to support harder, healthy nails.

Blueberries provides Vitamins C, D & A, and high in antioxidants to support healthy nails' growth.

Spinach provides Beta-Carotene, Folic Acid, and Vitamin A & C for nail strength and cuticle revitalization.

All of these health benefits, plus the fact that it's chip-free, makes Nailtopia the holy grail of nail lacquers.

Nailtopia's Purple Selection: 
Jomo, Keep it 100, Passion Player, Set the Pace, Slide in my DM’s, Smokey Road and Stay Inspired.

For more information of questions about non-toxic ingredients, feel free to reach out.

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